Power Flushing Radiators Services in Morden ? Call a heating system expert!

Cleaning radiators and piping, whether normal or narrow bore, requires care and attention. Your heating system is valuable and should be handled with care

Radiator Cleaning in Morden

The usual sign of a blocked radiator is cold and hot spots across the radiator with sludge and corrosion buildup.

Power Flushing is a low pressure method of removing these internal buildups quickly, safely and hygienically.

Cleaning System for Radiators Morden

Radiator cleaning system

Technicians have a range of methods to remove and reduce further corrosion. Typically, not only can we clean a heating system but we can also add a magnetiser to catch future metallic waste.

We aim for long term satisfaction and ensure that the system is cleaning and powerflushed correctly and that your boiler continues to operate efficiently.

As power flushing does not require the boiler 'gas heating' to be opened, a certified gas engineer is not required reducing the cleaning costs for you. Furthermore, it can be advantageous to power flush a heating system immediately before fitting a new boiler to prevent future problems - ask us to co-ordinate with your boiler engineer!

Our prices are reasonable and our service is prompt honest.

 boiler cleaning measures in Morden

Cleaned efficient radiators...

Our full range of power flushing services..

  • Radiator and boiler cleaning in Morden
  • Installation of magnetiser
  • Removal of sludge and waste

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